DIY Electric Automobile – Convert Your Car to Run on Electricity From Home

Many people are considering the option to convert their automobile to run on electricity from home. Ever since the prices of gasoline reach a new level, batterystoragehome many car owners are facing a financial challenge just to refuel their cars. To do an Electric Vehicle (EV) conversion at a professional workshop, it will cost more than $4000. The investment is beyond the range for many people. Hence, the only option is to initiate a Do It Yourself (DIY) electric automobile conversion at home.

To convert a car to run purely on electricity is not a difficult process. The idea is to replace the internal combustion engine with an electric motor. All associated components of the engine such as radiator, fuel lines, gas tank and exhaust system would also have to go as well. All the free spaces created will be used to build a batteries storage rack. The batteries will be used to supply power to the electric motor. To control the speed of the EV, a variable resistor is connected between the batteries and the motor. The resistor will act as the accelerator paddle of the car. The whole system is then connected to a central circuit control board.

If you are not familiar with car parts, e commerce app all the above information may be hard to understand. In this case, you can ask a friend who is well verse with car maintenance to assist you in the retrofitting process. To be prudent, you should have some basic knowledge on electric automobile modification process. You can gather the information required from many electric car conversion guides on the web.


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