Secrets the Cell Phone Providers Don’t Want You To Know

Starting to feel like the big cell phone companies have gotten the best of you? It seems that everyone has a frustrating story about countless hours spent on the phone with customer service and agonizing bouts over billing errors and over-charges. Most people feel like they’re losing to the big boys. In this financial climate, mostori it’s more important than ever that every business can hold their own against the cell phone companies.

From my own experiences while working for the major cellular providers, I can tell you first-hand that these companies make billing mistakes. In the last 20 years, I have never completed a bill review that didn’t reveal significant errors, over-charges, or neglect. I can also confirm that there is a ton of information out there that they don’t want you to know. I want to share those secrets with you.

Fighting back is not an easy task for businesses because they just don’t have the ammunition or armor to protect themselves. It is impossible to decipher those complicated bills that come in every month, and with the industry changing so rapidly, keeping up is nearly impossible. But don’t give up and just pay those bills anyway. You really need to know how much you’re over-paying and how to fix it.

There is a way to fight back and to arm yourself from these giants who can take advantage of the vulnerable and inexperienced. No matter how large or small your company is, it’s not too late to bring in the big guns! More and more companies are now retaining the services of a wireless expense management company to help them cut their wireless expenses. These are the experts who live and breathe wireless. They usually have years of experience in the wireless industry and know all the secrets. They make it their business to uncover those secrets and dramatically cut your wireless expenses and save you substantial amounts of money. They are highly skilled at managing wireless accounts and they can give you straight answers and show you exactly what you should be paying for.

And here’s the good news: Some of them work on a contingency and charge you only a very small percentage of the money they find for you! That’s right, they don’t charge you anything if they don’t save you money! One such company is my company, Wireless Resolutions.

Secrets that Cell Phone Providers Don’t Want You To Know

1. Wireless providers make big mistakes all the time. For example, did you ever notice that your business account is set up on a shared minute plan and your bill says you are using a lot more minutes than you think you’re using? You are not sure why it says you are using so many minutes or how it happened, but according to your bill and your provider, your company definitely made all those calls. So, For more info please visit these sites:- let it go, because the bill is too complicated and the wireless provider certainly knows what they are doing…right?

The truth is, you probably didn’t use those minutes and this particular error happens more than one would think. In a nutshell, shared plans come with free mobile-to-mobile minutes. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of bills that I have reviewed where companies were billed for their mobile-to-mobile usage, which should have been free. Many people do not realize that those free minutes are being counted when they tally up your usage. Sometimes you end up paying for those free minutes when they should never have been counted or considered overage. The providers say this is just a glitch in the system and they are working on ways to stop this mistake from happening. I have heard this excuse for the last 7 years.

2. You can cancel your contract without any penalties if your provider raises prices or changes anything about your account. Even if they notify you in advance that they are going to raise a price or fee, they have violated your agreement and the law says you can ask to be released from your contract without paying any penalties as long as you do so within 30 days of the notice. Just recently Sprint imposed an increase in the Regulatory fee which meant that if you were under contract with them, you could cancel that contract without any early termination fees.

3. Wireless salespeople have sales quotas and do not always have your best interest in mind. This is true in virtually every sales-driven industry, and definitely true in cell phone sales. These employees have sales quotas they need to meet to keep their jobs. These quotas often involve increasing the RPU (revenue per unit) on existing accounts to show profits for their company. There is always an incentive for these reps to select a higher monthly plan for you. For example, when you purchase a new phone, most sales reps don’t even earn a commission on the sale until they choose a higher priced rate plan, regardless of what plan might be more suitable for your needs.

If you think you can trust an employee of your wireless provider to watch over your account and to make sure you are paying the lowest possible costs for service, you better think again. You are asking them to give up quota driven commissions and to ignore quotas that are necessary to keep their jobs. With that in mind, I doubt that you will get straight answers or get the lowest cost. If you want honest and straight forward answers about your wireless costs, you may not find them from wireless sales reps or from any employee of your wireless provider for that matter.

4. You can dial 411 for free. Yes, it’s true! Don’t let your cell phone company gouge you with ludicrously high 411 fees; just dial 800-463-6327. You’ll get live operators who will search for your number and connect your call for free.

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