Forex Market – News Trading, Part One

The methodology for predicting and trading these trends is simple and straightforward: monitor the economic calendar and trade the news.

Complicated Forex Trading Formulas and Technical Indicators

Tired of complicated, proprietary Forex trading formulas and the endless barrage of technical indicators no one seems to understand? You are certainly not alone. The Foreign Exchange Market, in its most basic form, is really quite simple. It doesn’t consist of magic wands, potions, or secret handshakes. You do not have to be an economist, political analyst, or mathematician to grasp it. There is no Holy Grail of Forex trading. There is, however, a better way. Thankfully, it is also the most basic, elemental form of trading on the Foreign Exchange. If a country’s economy is in a growth trend, the obvious conclusion is that its currency will grow in strength versus a country whose economy is holding steady or in decline. The methodology for predicting and trading these trends is simple and straightforward: monitor the economic calendar and trade the news.

Is Trading the News Risky Business?

While some will consider this too risky, the facts just do not support their fears. Certain news releases consistently produce 30 to 50 pip moves in a predictable direction. Knowing and following a solid strategy is essential to successfu For more info please visit these sites:-

News Releases consistently move the market upon their release.

We are talking about news releases that come directly from government agencies and other research departments devoted to studying and monitoring economic trends. It is critical to know the various news releases and how they typically move the market. Not all releases are created equally. Some are very consistent and predictable. These A-list news releases provide rewarding trade opportunities, provided,

1. you know the expected number;

2. you know how much deviation is required to move the market enough to gain a profit;

3. you know how the market will react if a number comes out higher or lower than expected.

As simple as one, two, three… Knowing the three key factors listed above is not as difficult or mysterious as it may seem. Number one is taken care of in the related news releases. Number two can be ascertained, either through personal trial and error, or by learning from a verified market expert like Dustin Pass, whose extensive research and work in trading the news has made him a recognized authority. Number three is much less difficult a hurdle than it appears. When the numbers do not meet expectation, when they are higher or lower, they will affect each release in a particular way. In Part Two, we will share the A List and B List news releases, talk about their required deviations, and explain how variances in the numbers affect each.


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