The Final Frontier – How to Find Your Writing Space

Your writing space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the ultimate writer. Your continuing mission to explore strange new words, to seek out new characters and new plot lines, frontiernews to boldly go where no writer has gone before!

Yes, you know where I’m talking about-that final frontier you have avoided all day. Your story, or that great idea you have for a book. When was the last time you went there? How many weeks ago? Do you even know how to get there? As the “Starship” commander of your own writing destiny, localletter it is your mission to save the lives of those characters, inform those greatly in need of your expertise, and get your great ideas onto paper. Those great story lines and expert opinions you have running around in your head are trapped on the planet “In-Your-Head” until you put that writing “ship” in gear. And that planet is light-years away from would-be agents, newspoke editors, and readers.

So, how do we get that ship started? I once read a quote from Tim LaHaye, the famed co-writer of the Left Behind series, that said, “The only way to write a book is with seat in chair.” Even Captain Kirk had a chair! So where’s your chair?

1. The Chair – It begins with a chair. Where is that chair found? You need to establish where your writing space is located. It should be a room of limited distractions. Beware of rooms with TV’s, video games, topicals or other mind-numbing devices (Klingons). Rooms with doors that close are helpful if life partners, housemates, or mini reproduced humans exist. Finding that chair in a coffee shop establishment is fine provided you are not easily bothered by crowd noises or shelves of books or magazines. tbadaily

Now that you have found your assigned seat on the deck of your writing “Enterprise,” look around you. Captain Kirk’s bridge was specifically designed for the overall mission. Each piece of equipment, every screen, every surface had a purpose and function. As the captain sat in his chair, kulfiy you could see his deck encompassed everything the Enterprise was destined to be.

2. The Bridge – This is your environment. What surrounds you? What is within reach of your hand? Just as the Enterprise was set up to meet every need of the captain, is your writing “Enterprise” set up to meet your every need? Is your desk or table surface cluttered? Captain Kirk never had to push aside bills, stacks of papers, stray pens, or pencils to complete his mission. pressmagazines What do you have to push aside to complete yours? Have in reach everything you need and nothing you don’t.

(Side note: Use your control panels for their intended purpose only! Distant galaxies were not discovered via web surfing expeditions.)

And now it’s time to begin your journey. Now that you are seated in your chair distraction free, it’s time to engage the engines. The good news, your writing “enterprise” is actually much easier to activate than you think!

3. The Button – It really is that simple as pushing a button, just as the Enterprise was started with a single button and a joystick, so does your writing expedition. Open your current file or favorite word processing program, place fingers on key board and begin typing. Honest. Captain Kirk didn’t have to think about where he was goingit was already programmed into the systems, just as your next point, or that fabulous plot line is already in your head. It might take a few minutes to get your mind and keys on the same page, but don’t pause. Just begin and see where those words take you.

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