Fun For Kids Holidaying in Lanzarote

Going on a family holiday is a most special affair as it when the entire family spends quality time together away from the mundane routine of day to day life and the stress of everyday life. It is a time the kids get their parents’ undivided attention where both parents and kids bond NFT Monkey while exploring new destinations. Even tried and tested destinations offer that, much needed relief from the usual while providing the comfort of being a familiar holiday spot.

However, as every parent knows even while on holiday kids need entertainment. No matter that they are travelling on holiday, kids need more than just ‘time to relax’ as a lure to enjoy their holiday. Parents travelling with their kids to the ever popular Canary Island Lanzarote have nothing to fear. While offering around a 100 beaches where kids can spend days with their parents building sand castles and sea bathing, the island has many other entertainment offers especially catering to children.

For instance you could go sailing on a luxury Catamaran with the family and kids are even welcome to join in and help out the crew. It is not all about the sailing but when the Catamaran is anchored kids can enjoy a jet-ski ride with an instructor and also indulge in snorkelling.

In Puerto Calero kids will love the Yellow Submarine. Designed for underwater exploration charteracatamaraninthebvi it has cabins and screens to ensure that the ocean can be viewed from all angles. It also has two large viewing ports at either end. This submarine dives to the floor of the Atlantic Ocean for about an hour and due to the clear blue waters of the sea kids get to see the marine life in all its splendour.

Wet World is Lanzarote’s only water park and is decidedly smaller than the other water parks found around Spain. This in no way deters from the parks amazing entertainment value though and is bound to be a great hit with the children. It is in a way a no frills water park so do not expect too much luxury in the way of heated water or sun shades, but will provide fun for the kids nevertheless.

There are events that can involve the whole family such as the Corpus Christi festival celebrated in Arrecife. Brightly dyed salt is scattered in front of church walkways and it is fun for the whole family to participate in this festival together. bostonhaikusociety

Do not forget that Lanzarote offers amazing beaches together with amazing weather and kids will always love to spend time mucking about on the sand and bathing in the sea. Though the idea of relaxing does not cross their minds, parents can enjoy some quiet time while watching their kids build sand castles in the soft warm sand.


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