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Although at first sight the business of this company may seem diverse, the products it offers all support only one process: distribution.

“Vanderlande Industries is dedicated to improving its customers’ business processes and competitive position by providing Automated Material Handling Systems. Our systems enable fast, reliable, labour-saving goods handling in distribution centres, express parcel sortation facilities and the manufacturing industry, saloton as well as baggage handling at airports.” (1)

Recently the company DHL opened a distribution center in Leipzig where VanderLande has been chosen as the supplier of the distribution equipment. “This system which is located in a hall with a size of about eleven soccer-fields. It processes 100,000 packages per tour and when they roll of the conveyor belt after seven minutes they have been sorted to 550 destinations.”(source: het financiele dagblad)

For airport applications the company is one of the leaders in the so-called destination coded vehicle (DCV) systems. Imagine that when you leave you baggage at the counter of the flight operator. What you see is the belt with you baggage that disappears when checking in. You see only the black-box, but behind it, there is a whole system of small vehicles that carry bags and packages.

Interesting about this company is its focus. When comparing with one of its competitors some striking difference comes up. The French company Alstef is not only offering baggage handling systems, gavison-medan but also warehouse solutions with cranes. This is a complete different process. One is distribution, warehouse solutions are concentrated around the process of storage.

The website of the company is simple and focused. Further inside a lot of Jargon appears, the many abbreviations are not directly explained (DCV, IR). Interesting is also that the website is offered in many languages amongst them continental English and American English; ashkelon10 the company operates both in Europe and the US.

As the company’s product is dedicated to a specific process of distribution, it is often not the only solution providers. This means that it operates in a environment with many stakeholders, and where system integration is required. On the website we learn about some of the partners, like Philips, SAP, CAPGEMINI, TYCO, etc. Most companies like DHL (Deutsche Post) where logisitics is involved do not only depend on (sorting) equipment, but also information systems; that explains partners like SAP and integrators like CAPGEMINI.

The company has been founded in 1949, the current CEO and President is Peter Gerretse and Mr. Maris is Chairman of the board (of supervisors).

Missing amongst the partners is Siemens, but that is not a coincidence: “Siemens is a worldwide leader in providing integrated airport solutions … offers the complete range of innovative products and solutions for all aspects of airport ground traffic handling, including aviation ground lighting, power management, baggage and cargo handling systems, shayarilo communication systems, security systems and building management solutions… (2)

Most players in this domain (Glidepath, Alstef, Alstec) have no stock-exchange listing, a part from Siemens and the Japanese Company Okura. This is a highly competitive (global) domain where Vanderlande is one of the leaders. Interesting when you know that this company is located somewhere in the south of Holland. For more info please visit these websites:-



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