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4G wireless broadband is the latest innovation in the communications industry and is expected to revolutionize not only how we connect to the Internet, but also how we connect to our landline, mobile phone, and TV as well. Its impact can be compared to how the first generation analog cellular, second generation digital, and third generation multi-media has changed the communication landscape. The two competing 4G wireless broadband technologies are WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability Microwave Access) and LTE (Long Term Evolution). WiMax is a standard pushed by the WiMax Forum, an organization made up of industry giants such as Motorola, Samsung, Fujitsu, Nokia, and Intel, just to name a few. The forum conducts tests and certifications for products and devices to be considered WiMax certified, making it compatible with other WiMax certified products made by other manufacturers.

WiMax is offered in the country by Clearwire Corporation, 4G LTE WiFi Router Australia which is made up of different companies whose majority shareholder is Sprint Nextel. Clearwire also operates in some areas of the country under the Clear brand. Clearwire has already made WiMax available to 41 million people in the country and plans to expand its coverage to 79 million more people by the end of 2010. Clearwire has partnered with around 1800 local mobile phone and cable TV operators to offer the WiMax service in their areas. Expansion is aggressive, and an authorized reseller is expected to be able to easily convince 3G subscribers to 4G due to the advantages of 4G over the current 3G technology that is more widely in use.

WiMax is offered at almost the same rates as the 3G WiFi connection with the advantage of higher speeds, wider coverage, and easy installation. Unlike WiFi that has a much shorter range (a WiFi hotspot covers an area of around 100 yards from the router), WiMax covers a range of up to 6 miles with just one base station. This means that traveling within the range would not make you lose your connection unlike with WiFi where you have to stay within the same hotspot like a coffeshop, airport, house to maintain your connection to the Internet.


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